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Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is a treatment to revitalize the skin, reduce the stained appearance and equalize the skin tone. It is the process of as peeling olarak the top layer of the skin with chemical substances. In this way, a brighter, younger, clean skin is gained. Different chemical substances are used for chemical peeling. Superficial or deep peeling can be used according to the material and density used. Peeling, acne treatment, correction of acne scars, skin pores, thin wrinkles, can be used in the treatment of blemishes. Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned and the oil is degreased. Then the appropriate acids are applied to the problem. After waiting for a while, the chemical is removed from the skin. The treatment is continued with creams to be used between sessions. The application takes 10 minutes on average. There may be slight redness, scaling and peeling after treatment. It is important to not make-up after several hours of application, to avoid using special creams and to protect from the sun. .

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