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The basis of the method was first described by Dr.Pistor in 1952 and since 1987 it has taken an important place among alternative medicine therapies by the French Academy of Medicine. Mesotherapy is the injection of necessary drugs with fine tips (4-6 mm) to the skin. Besides the effects of the drugs applied, the immune system is stimulated by the effects of the needles and the blood circulation is increased. Areas of Use of Mesotherapy • Cellulitis, regional slimming • Facial rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation • Hair loss reduction and hair regeneration • Treatment of fractures, scars Cellulite and Regional Slimming Objective Injection of the drug with the needle. Fat cells break down by the action of drugs. At the same time, the blood circulation in the area increases and when applied as regular sessions there is a decrease in cellulite and thinning in the area. If the person has a general weight problem, the diet should be accompanied. Mesotherapy treatment varies from person to person but lasts for 6-8 sessions. After treatment, the person can continue his / her daily life. Sometimes a few bruising points can be seen in the injection areas. Mesotherapy method is a medical method that can be used in all men and women aged 18-65 years..

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